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Online Supplement Dispensary

Even though Dr. Jung works with her patients to get the most out of their food, often times we need additional supplements to meet the therapeutic goal.

In her practice, Dr. Jung uses professional-grade supplement products from trusted companies, to ensure the best quality products for her patients. As a patient, you receive an automatic discount, and are not charged sales tax for supplements recommended by Dr. Jung on Fullscript.

Click below to access her Fullscript!


If you are not a patient of Dr. Jung, please note that Dr. Jung or Jung Naturopathic Wellness are not responsible for any adverse reactions or other medical/non-medical issues from supplements ordered from our Fullscript account. Purchasing through our Fullscript does not establish patient-doctor relationship between you and Dr. Jung. If you would like to become a patient of Dr. Jung, please schedule your appointment with her to get established.


Always speak with your physician or other qualified health professional about nutritional/homeopathic/other supplements before starting. 

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