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Naturopathic Health Consultation

With Dr. Jung, you get a full telemedicine visit to talk about your concerns, medical and other history, and previous labs/imaging to get to know your health history.

Many conventional doctors cannot discuss supplements, nutrition or natural options for treatment, as conventional medical training typically lack this knowledge. 

Dr. Jung can help to integrate both conventional and naturopathic approaches to your concerns.

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Supplements & Lifestyle Plan

With so many supplement brands and wellness products in the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed with options. Not to mention, it's hard to know what products might be the best for you. Dr. Jung is a strong believer of individualized supplement plan, as something that can work for one individual may not be the best option for another.

Dr. Jung also uses an online dispensary through Fullscript, which curates professional-grade supplements that she trusts.

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Comprehensive and Functional Labs

During your first visit, Dr. Jung may order labs to further assess your health.

Dr. Jung uses both conventional labs (Quest & LabCorp only) and specialty tests (e.g. DUTCH test, GI-MAP, and many more). 

Conventional labs may be covered by your insurance, depending the insurance coverage. Lab fees from these labs are subjected by the lab companies, and it is patient's responsibility to talk with insurance companies for coverage. 

Dr. Jung is not able to order through Kaiser Permanente or HMO plan that requires a primary care provider to place lab orders.

Telemedicine Visits

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Jung Naturopathic Wellness is a cash-based practice. We do not bill insurance plans for payments.

Please check out the FAQs page & our policies for more detail. 

FREE Discovery Call

Duration: 15 minutes 

Must be a resident of California. 

New Patient Visit - CA

Duration: 60 minutes 

Must be a resident of California. 

Return Visit - 45

Duration: 45 minutes

*REQUIRED to have completed new patient visit*

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